Eshaan’s 7 Weeks of Celebration

7 Weeks Celebration Web Pic.003

Product Sale

20% off Obagi Products and all other skin care products

15% off Latisse 5 ml

Facial Sale

30% off each facial service (Limit 7)

Waxing Sale

30% off individual areas (limit 5 per area)

Botox/Dysport Sale

$11 per Botox unit

100 Botox units for $1,050

$4 per Dysport unit

Restylane & Juvederm Sale

$125 off each syringe of Restylane

$125 off each syringe of Juvederm

Radiesse Sale

$150 off each syringe

Voluma Sale

$150 off each syringe

Sculptra Sale

$400 off 2 vials

Laser Sale

50% off all Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Treatments (limit 7 per area)

50% off all Spider Vein Treatments (limit 7 per area)

40% off all FotoFacial, Refirme and Matrix Treatments (limit 7)

30% off Accent XL Treatments (limit 3 areas, 7 treatments each)

Prices not valid with any other offers, sales or discounts.  All refunds or returns will be credited as a spa credit.  Treatments are not transferable.

Eshaan Laser and Skincare Medical Spa

Offering Safe and Effective Treatments for Men and Women

At Eshaan, our guests are provided the opportunity to enhance, relax, and rediscover themselves in a luxurious yet medically founded environment. We pamper our guests with warm robes, soft linens, soothing music, exotic aromatherapy, melodic fountains, and skin-nourishing beverages. We place precedence on providing a tranquil experience that leaves our guests rejuvenated, refined, and renewed.

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