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Why A Medical Spa?

Why A Medical Spa?

The Advantage of A Premier Medical Spa

Eshaan Laser & Skin Care Medical Spa is owned and medically directed by well-known Vacaville physician, Mukesh H. Naik D.O.. Dr. Naik is an on-site physician who actually performs the medical procedures. Direct and hands-on medical supervision allows Eshaan to provide safe and effective treatments for every guest. Eshaan also operates under the auspices of the California Medical Board, protecting patient safety and privacy. Because of the on-site physician, Eshaan may administer medical-grade treatments with techniques, prescription skin care products, and medical equipment that are not available to salons and spas. This means that our guests receive the best treatments and technology available to attain visible improvements in the skin surface.

Personalized Skin Care

A question that is commonly asked is, ‘What is the difference between a medical spa and day spa? The answer goes beyond the advantage of the technology and resources available only to licensed physicians. Another benefit to spa goers is personalized skin care treatments. Day spas typically will offer a menu of facials that are administered the same way between clients in a ‘cookie cutter’ fashion and not taking into account individual differences. At Eshaan, licensed skin care professionals perform a personalized skin assessment for every guest prior to recommending treatments. We recognize that each guest has different goals and needs. Our aim is to provide customized skin care through a wide variety of therapies, equipment, techniques, and products. The outcome to this approach is a facial treatment that provides optimal results for our guests.

A Reputation You Can Trust

Eshaan Laser and Skin Care Medical Spa is a member in good standing with numerous industry boards and associations. Eshaan Medical Spa and all Eshaan treatment providers are licensed, current, and in good standing with the California State Boards of Cosmetology and Barbering, Nursing, and Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons and may be verified online at the State of California’s official website.